Wednesday, January 19, 2005

i've got to have an ipod

Nothing beats retail shopping to beat the school/work blues... and guess what's new on the market?

i have been thinking of getting a thumbdrive for the longest time for work/school/personal stuff... and just when i have set my mind to get it... this comes along...

It is a bit expensive.. given that you can get a 1 gb thumbdrive for approx. S$150.. and the current selling price of the ipod shuffle is at S$268. But ain't it a beauty? (it's cheaper than what creative is offering for their 1 gb Movo).

The appeal of the ipod over the ipod mini is its USB plug and play capability.. i run around everywhere.. ... but i am being cautioned by friends that using flash memory capability is actually a step backwards and given the well documented failure rates of thumbstick.. paying for a premium for the ipod shuffle might not be such a good thing. In addition... charging of the unit is actually done via the pc's usb port and full charge takes 4 hrs!! hrrmmpp.. i have to leave my compute on for so long??? What if i don't have access to a pc? i can't charge the ipod at all.

Well.. maybe i can take a risk... I've updated my wish list... i'm hoping to gt it before chinese new year.. as a perk me up present.. what do you think?

A 4gb mini ipod for $458 or 1gb ipod shuffle for $268?

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