Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Upcoming book sale

Upcoming book sale at the Singapore Expo over the National Day weekend as informed by the organisors...

Times Book Sale
Hall 4B
06 - 09 Aug 2005
From 10am - 9pm


Wondering wat kind of books i will be getting this time round. Will definitelybe looking for Harry Potter and the Globet of Fire (hopefully at $7).i sure regret no getting it previously. My hardback cover fell off while i was re-reading the book recently.

Hrrmmpp... re-reading definitely has it benefits... there were so many details and clues that Rowling had included in the previous books. Stuff like regarding the Vanishing cupboard. Despite of its important part in the Half-blood prince, did you know that it had made its appearance much much earlier in the previous books?


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