Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weddings, Anniversaries, Engagements and Birthdays

Hrrmpp.. seems that September is such a happening month.

I had a few close friends having birthdays, weddings and my parent's 40th wedding anniversary was last weekend.

Quite an achievement. Don't know if i'd ever reach a 40th wedding anniversary!! I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.

And it was a real pity that i had to miss a wedding in London and KL. But i may get to attend a wedding in June in France. How cool is that? i am so looking forward to it.

And speaking of the bride-to-be's engagement ring... the dutch mentioned that instead of a diamond ring... if he does ever offer.. he'd give a coke pull tab.. plus a lifetime supply of coca cola.

You think that'd be a good deal?

He made me laugh though..

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