Wednesday, October 29, 2008

To Schmap or not to schmap

Schmap just shortlisted and contacted me for permission to use one of my picture of the Skinny Bridge on Amstel River, Amsterdam, Netherlands to use for their guide.

I'm thrilled, of cos, to get some recognition and credit for my skills, art? :P However, with the debate on creative license, how companies are getting people to agree to use pictures for free and such companies are publishing and making money.

This is how it'd look like


QQ*librarian said...

Shouldn't they pay you a token sum for the picture? But then again, if they pay you, does it mean the copyright of the picture belongs to them? If they don't pay you, at least they have to credit you for the to explore.

Olkgal said...

there's different type of payment/recognition/credit for different type/level of uses.

but schmap is a co. that doesn't pay for the pictures that they use. Nor do they have any copyright. However, by agreeing to their terms and conditions, you actually permit them to use the pictures for this edition and future ones. They do credit you though.

So... what would you have done in my position?

QQ*librarian said...

Um...I'm not familiar with schmap. Are they famous? If I were you, I'd say go ahead and use coz I have no intention to make money out of photography, and I welcome the exposure. But if you have the slightest intention to become a freelance photographer...would there be implications later when you start charging for your works if you let them use your pictures for free now?