Saturday, November 29, 2008

Am in a state of shock..

Never thought that it would hit that close to home.

I remember her... she is stunning with perfect skin... and was so poised and sweet, friendly..... there are some who are pretty and have a air of arrogance or something that i wouldn't want to have anything to do with.. but not her, always with a smile on her face.

The first time i met her was at Big D's... i was there for the first time.. and after sitting down.. she and her hubby came.. they were celebrating his birthday.. and being on a monday (if i remember correctly) and after working late, and without reservations.. they found themselves..having ran out of a few places to eat , at 2 or 3 different places.. and they ended up at Big D's having a very joyous and hearty meal..

And subsequently.. i have met up a few times with her and her hubby on various occasions.. and at a friend's party.

It really doesn't make sense and i now can't stop thinking about it. When her name was released in the papers.. there was no connection.... the pictures of her in the papers didn't look like her.. all fuzzy and distorted... until my friend told me about it early this morning.. and when i saw the newspapers.. now with all the personal pictures that shows her smiling, a familiar face that I know.. When the news came out at first, I did think that maybe my friends would have known her.. as they were from the same faulty.. just didn't cross my mind.

I keep wondering how her final hours would have been. One of terror and fear and tears? Reports had said that she was held at gunpoint and made to give a message to Singapore.

Why her? Cos she's singaporean? Cos she stood out? Cos she's Chinese? Cos she's pretty?

Was the message passed? Could the government had done anything? Were the commandos skilled?

These questions keep running through my head.. and i just want to voice it out.

The more i read.... the more i want to find out more..

I can only imagine the sense of loss her family and close friends are feeling. The sudden loss..

Makes me all the more want to be with my bf as soon as possible as in this world.. nothing is certain anymore.. the natural disasters, the collapse of the economy, the upheaval in governments, the wars, the violence... what's there to look forward anymore?

The loss of lives.. all people i whom have met ... from the db rowers, friend's best friend who passed away in China, aged 35, leaving behind wife and 2 young kids.. and now.. in Mumbai.

Wrong place at the wrong time.. how else can you explain?

Having seen up close how parents and families suffer and try to cope with the sudden loss of loved one in the tsunami... i can only offer my condolences to mike, his and her family.. the whole nation is reeling from the shock and the senseless violence.. and the stupid demands.. and all the crazy and greedy people out there, who claims that there are acting for god.

Rest In Peace.. You'd be sorely missed

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