Monday, October 25, 2004

Free bookplates!!!

Bookplate by Quentin Blake

Found this website that is really cool... free bookplates for you to use!! ain't that great... now you can just print them out... print your books on the bookplates and stick it in your books!!

To think that i used to buy them from states... sigh... but i did get really nice ones..

Get them all here!! from all your fave illustrators!!! Quick quick quick!!

Emails for sale??!!

Ok ok.. i'm guilty of not updating my site for some time. Been really really busy... haven't had the time to breathe... between work and studies.. i don't have a life!!!

There's so many interesting news that i want to update on this blog.

Ok.. here's one... hope that it's not too old news... apparently, the british library is creating an archive to store the emails of the nation's top authors and scientists, as the written word is replaced by electronic messages.

Emails from literary figures such as Ted Hughes, the late English Poet Laureate, will form a new digital archive alongside the library's collection of paper correspondence, which includes love letters written by Oscar Wilde to Lord Alfred Douglas. Curators have become concerned that conventional letters are becoming increasingly rare as writers and scientists abandon paper for more perishable email.

The library has appointed the world's first digital manuscripts curator to collect important material that would otherwise end up as deleted items. It has already acquired emails written by Hughes, and has created a list of important people whose
computer files it would like to collect, including J.K. Rowling, A.S. Byatt, Alastair Campbell and Stephen Hawking. Jeremy John, who has set up the library's first digital archive, is appealing to writers and scientists to ask them to store their correspondence in a way that will allow future generations to see their work.

Read more about it here.....

Here's an interesting thought....will people in future, be bidding for a copy of emails instead of actual notes and letters hand-written and signed by famous people?!!... how do you gauge authenticity?? By ip address?? electronic signature??? hrrrmmppp..

Anyway...It's been reported that the first email sent is lost forever... unlike the first phone call made or the first letter sent..who knows what other information is lost...