Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beer and Pis..

Spent a great weekend in Belgium. It wasn't what i expected at all. I didn't know that Brussels was so beautiful or that many chocolate shops!

But before, i had to visit Hoegaarden, the town.. for the beer!

Hoegaarden by you.

Did you know that the old spelling of Hoegaarden was...

Old spelling of Hoegaarden by you.


That's how you should pour a beer by you.

Here's a statue that tell you how to pour beer properly!

And there in the courtyard was a lovely little restaurant and they serve food cooked with Hoegaarden. We got this lovely dish..

Super pasta! by you.

It was heavenly! By the way, the dutch have a very funny saying when they taste great food.


Meaning.. as if an angel pissed on your tongue! :P

Then we went to a 13th century castle

Kasteel Beersel

IMG_0859 by you.

Kasteel Beersel by you.

And then we went to Brussel.. Mannken Pis

Manneke Pis by you.

'T Serclaes by you.

Brussels Cathedral  by you.

Grote Markt Night  by you.

Grote Markt night by you.

IMG_0879 by you.

Chocolates .. and
IMG_0871 by you.


The broken step by you.

Bowler hat blue skies by you.

Also took the opportunity to visit the Margitte Museum.. one of my favorite painters! I also loved his skies! And Brussels really have beautiful skies!

Atomium  by you.

I never knew that the landmark for Brussels was the Atomium.. shows how much i knew..

Next stop... Germany, Switzerland, ITALY and France.. it's going to be a very interesting trip!

And i just bought this book! Can't wait for it!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bad and Great service...

i had left my Hong Kong Disneyland Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch) towel behind in Parc Asterix during my trip to France and was naturally upset that i didn't managed to get it back from the hotel despite of the calls i've made. My sister left her HTC phone behind too.. and she didn't get it back either. I seriously think that the housekeeping staff is very lousy. i mean, given that after you check out, the only people that goes into the rooms are the staff from the hotel. How can they not find the left behind items?? It's such lousy service!

Anyway, so for my birthday, i requested for a nice towel and also some nice bedsheets featuring some of my favourite comic characters. And this was what i got.

Birthday presents by you.

Now, one of my friends in Singapore saw the sheets and really liked them. As i knew H had bought them from this store, i called them up to check for the price of the queen size sheets.

The saleslady promptly told me the price and even informed me that currently, they are having a 40% sale. So, the sheets are 40% off!!! I was like.. "WWAAHH... but i just bought mine 2 weeks ago.. and now it's on sale???!! When did the sale start?"

In an instant, i felt so ripped off, knowing that H had paid full price for it.

Almost immediately, the lady said, "I'll put aside the queen size sheets for you.. and when you come back, i will give you a refund on the sheets you bought. When did you buy them? I'll print the receipt out."

So i gave her the date H when down to buy, she got the receipt off her computer (i didn't even need to bring my receipt down to show) and told me to come down when possible.

And i got my refund... a large enough sum for me to buy some more towels and such..

Mutts towel by you.

Mutts and Snoopy towels by you.

honestly, i was very impressed by the service given. And felt so lucky that i called them up at the right time. Made me feel a whole lot less upset about leaving my Stitch towel behind.

P/s... i also got a ride for my birthday!

Birthday presents by you.