Saturday, December 30, 2006

I need internet

My friends and I often joke that we will get internet withdrawal symptoms when we can't get connected or are away from the pc/laptop for a while.

With the earthquake in Taiwan that damaged the under fibre optic cables... i felt so crippled.. and was stuck surfing local sites.

I really felt like going to the ends of the earth for any connectivity.. to read my news... google some stuff... gossip.. comics... etc etc..

Taken from Mother Goose and Grimm
27 Dec 2006

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Caffine fix...

just got the coolest coffee/cappucino maker.

Presenting the Bialetti Mukka Express

It's a stove top maker.. which means that you just put water in the lower container, coffee powder in the coffee filter.. and if you want latte or cappucino, milk in the top part.. else if you want it black.. just leave it empty.

So simple to use.. so compact.. and it was really wonderful..

Of cos.. coupled with this....

The coffee turned out great!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

If there's one movie to watch this Xmas...

Watch 滿城盡帶黃金甲 (Curse of the Golden Flower)

The movie is worth every cent of the ticket..

Way better than Eragon anytime!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Bad things happen in threes..

Bank not returning me my $$

My tooth breaking to pieces

My car aircon compressor breaking down..

next time remind me to kick myself first before anything else happens..

I'm going broke!

p/s.. i haven't finish my x'mas shopping!! ARRGGHH!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Green peas can be lethal..

Broke my one of my pre-molars while eating green peas-- the kacang puteh type.. bonus will be going into getting it fixed..


Anyway.. caught Eragon tonight.. cos i couldn't wait..


What i liked

Jeremy Irons - he's so dashing and is so Brom

Robert Carlyle - A perfect Durza

Durza's magical powers!!

Saphira - she is simply amazing!!!

The accelerated growth of Saphira was a sight to see (given that the movie had to deal with her growing up, that was a good way of doing it).

The first 1/3 of the movie which was pretty cool...

What I didn't like

Did the Varden have to be so tribal? I mean it was supposed to be sophisticated and well organised... they were even supposed to have a library for Murtagh to be housed in when he was arrested.. not kept in a wooden hut.

Was there ever the mention that Arya is an elf?

Why is Arya so girly and smiley? She's not supposed to be like that! Nor is she supposed to be flirty too!!

What ever happened to the limits of the dragon rider's magic??? How can he can heal mortal wounds?

Whatever happened to Eragon's training, of magic????

No mention of dwarves?

Did they put a token african in the movie?

i hated that line by Saphira when they were giving Brom his burial...something to the tune of, " I cannot breathe fire but I can do this." She then breathes on to his grave.. and changes it into crystal. In the book.. she brushes her nose! I mean... it's the liittle things that make the story amazing and so wonderful.. that dragons are magical and have so much more.. has even more powers than they themselves realise! And this is so especially for Saphira, who doesn't have anyone to learn from.


While often, the movie often doesn't live up to the book.. i expected the movie be to decent... but there were more disappointing bits.

There were such loopsholes that i wouldn't know how part 2 will how.. if you kill a dragon rider.. the dragon will die too. Didn't Galbatorix steal a dragon when his died? If he had killed the dragon rider..then wouldn't the dragon he stole be dead too? Maybe they'd remove that part of the story..

Oh well.. was disappointed. Wat a waste of a very good story...

Monday, December 04, 2006

Wat's happening in the libraries?

Sometimes i wonder if the issues that are the same in libraries all over the world.

But when i read things like this in the comics...

Zits 3 Dec2006

Ginger meggs 3 Dec 2006

i put on a smile and a hop... and take everything in my stride. afterall.. it's just part and parcel of life.

No biggy.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Went to get my picture taken at the photo booth.

Looks like me?

Thanks to a very cool friend! :)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

When i was in uni...

this was exactly what i did.

The weather was dry.. the students were bored and wearing rubber shoes.. There are breaks in between lessons...

Sparks did fly.. and i kid you not.

I used to do that..

But it was darn funny!!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

My obsession

i do like watches... and i wasn't planning on buying one since i am pretty happy with my current one, however, i was keeping a look out for a sports watch. My G-shock.. though is still serving me well has gotten a bit smelly and stinky over the years despite of the change in the rubber straps. And i started doing some stuff that needed a compass that i started wanting a watch with a compass, especially when i see my friends using their very cool casio pro trek. The way way way cheaper alternative was to get a $2 plastic compass to attach to the current watch strap. The alternative was to splash out and get the very cool watch.

I was first introduce to this hamilton watch over 2 years back..

and i thought that it was darn cool. I really like the functions. It is a quartz watch with a touch screen function that will switch your watch to various modes, with the hour and minute hand as the indicators. Eg. switch to compass mode.. the minute and hour hand align and it becomes a compass, with the minute hand pointing north.

So when i laid eyes on this one just last night in a men's magazine (no less), i thought that it was the coolest watch ever. In red!! my fave colour!!

It has the same touch screen and such functions.. however, when it was put side by side, the hamilton and tissot, the tissot is in a way cleaner and more elegant.

I almost got the red version. However, in the end got the Tissot T-touch in white instead. And I love it..

And after getting it.. i did my research... discover that my watch was featured in 2 very garang movies... Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life - the black version and Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Go and check out Mr. and Mrs. Smith and you'd see Angelina Jolie wearing this very watch in the movie.


now can someone stop me from buying MORE watches?

edit: T-touch review

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lady Librarian

Guess who came to the library to read to the kids?

The First Lady herself, Mrs. Laura Bush, a former librarian, fellow professional.

Exciting but stressful. Got a gift too. Shall upload pictures later.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Make Those Bodies Sing - Bananas

I loved this ad ever since i saw it almost 10 years ago... and am pleasantly surpised that it's available on the net.

"ba-na-na-na-na na-na-na, make those bodies sing"

Monday, November 06, 2006

Sights that you don't see often in Singapore

All the more you should be taking a breather and enjoy the sights and sounds

Saturday, November 04, 2006

His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass

Just found out that The Golden Compass is being made into a movie... and i can't wait to see the polar bears come alive. With the advancement in CG.. i bet that the effects will be great.

And they absolutely got the choice right by getting Nicole Kidman to be Marisa Coulter

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I want this tee

Check out the very funny comic strip, What the duck

Read the comic, What the duck here

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Photomarathon 2006

The Canon Photomarathon has been ongoing for the past years and i have always wanted to take part in it. However, was never able to due to work and stuff like that (shift sucks!). Finally got a chance to take part in it this year.

The Photomarathon take place over 12 hours. Participants are given themes to shoot during a fixed time frame and to submit 1 picture for the contest. After the pictures for the first theme are submitted, the following theme will be released and off you go, taking pictures. Previously, there were only three themes and participants were given 4 hours to submit their pictures. This year, however, the organisors decided to up the challenge by having 4 themes which means that participants are only given 3 hours to shoot. BTW, the pictures are not supposed to be edited. All straight out from the camera.

The 4 themes were:
1. Faces
2. Power: Simply Red
3. A Slice of History
4. Darkness

Having taken part in a judging of a photo competition previously with Steven Yee (one of the first Singaporean who become a member of the reowned Royal Photographic Society), in order to get your picture in the running for a winner, you need the picture to fit the theme, creativity, a good concept and great execution to make sure that your picture stands out. Otherwise, if you only have a so-so concept that everyone else will have and submit the same type of pictures, then you need to make sure that it is well excuted, fantastic composition, so that when it is compared to the rest of the simliar looking pictures, it'd beat the competition hands down.

Having said that, of cos it is not easy. Everything's a learning process and i'm learning too.

So for the first theme... i couldn't do portraits... i mean.. you'd need a face that speaks volumes! (See here for great portraits) How to do it? Some random person on the street is not going to work.. so i have the great idea of going to the temple where my granddad's ashes were kept to take the pictures of faces on the urns. However, it didn't work out... and the winner of that theme had the same idea too.. and his picture was fantastic. He took a picture of the rows of tablets with the people's faces in the temple.

Second theme.. i had wanted to take a monchrome picture of the red stop sign.. after all.. even without that colour... people know what it is right and can tell the colour. Guess wat? I couldn't find the monochrome button on my camera. So in the end, i drove home.. took my red football.. and got my dog to play with the red ball. But the picture didn't turn out nice.

Third theme... i was brain dead then.. couldn't think of anything.. we did visit some old houses and such.. and i got a picture of a run-down wall with the light slicing through it. My idea was old bricks.. piece of history.. wat ever happened to it.. har har har.. maybe that picture REALLY didn't tell any story.

Fourth Theme... once it was announced.. we took 5 minutes to mull over it.. and we had a great idea. See.. i took pictures of my friend's cats previously and she has the blackest cat i have ever seen.. and i just thought that black cat with black background with only the eyes showing would make a great picture. So called up my friend. Bad news... she just left her house.. and no one was home. So either i wait for her MIL to come home or collect her keys from her cleaner. So, i planned to do that.. however, before i left Suntec, she called and we discovered that she was on her way to Suntec too. So, i waited for her to pass me her keys, drove all the way down to Pasir Ris... got into the house.. and played with her cat and took pictures. I took like over 80 pictures over 1 hour and had to rush back to Suntec to submit the picture.

Now.. if anyone tell you that cats are easy to photograph.. they are lying. Cats are skittish, move darn fast.. and doesn't do wat you tell them and the best part is they don't know wat is "SIT". You have to get in all sorts of position to take their pictures. Lying down on stomach.. bending down low.. standing.. etc etc.

Guess that you can say that at the end of the day.. it was really really tiring.. however, the best was yet to come. My picture was one of the 10 pictures shortlisted for the last theme. During the slideshow... i could hear people's grasp when it was shown.. ( i took it as a positive sign) and was sosososoos thrilled that it selected as one of the top ten out of over 600 participants. Guess it does help that there were no other pictures of cats and such.. and it fits the theme! i hope that it will be out on the photomarthon website and in digital life.. kekekeke (keeping my fingers crossed).

So presenting "Darkness"

Special thanks to my friend who made it possible. Without Conga.. this picture wouldn't exists.

BTW.. i feel it helps to drive if you have a clear concept/idea of the picture you want to take... else it'd may be a good idea to do it on foot and maybe you might get luckily and get a suitable shot.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I love french dressing...

French Dressing

And I love Pearls Before Swine

Thursday, October 05, 2006



It's beautiful... and haunting..

Angkor Wat in the rain

Angkor Wat

A place that you must visit...


Ta Phom


Siem Reap

Despite of the trials that the people went through, scenes that would break your heart...






there's still smiles aplenty for everyone






p/s.. this is a preview of some of the pictures i took. i'm still sorting out my pictures (over 1000 of them).. so will open up to show once i'm done.

hope you like them.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

He comes forth...

from the mammoth building at Victoria Street,
Where people of all ages study, read and sometimes eat…

Bearing the Sword of Mission and Shield of Vision,
Put together by cardboard, foil and many hands in action!

Decked in his royal cloak and mighty armour,
He definitely is THE man of the hour…

What was needed, you might ask…
For the fervent hands who had to complete this colossal task?

A sword, a belt, a chest-plate, and of course, the elaborate helmet
Adorns this warrior with absolutely no cost to his wallet!

Look below to his manly sandals…
And especially so, to how his muscles wrap the buckles!

I will just give you a gist of the list of things
That went into the making of a costume fit for a king…

So now I start, without much ado,
Listen up, for quickly this I will do:

“Trash bags, not rags…
Aluminum foils, not lethal coils…
A flowerpot, that is oh-so-hot…
Plus feathers that can tell the weather,
As well as a little furry hand from Man’s best friend!
Raffia strings that do not go ‘ding-a-ling’…
And finally - tape, glue and cellophane paper,
All went into the completion of this unusual caper!”

By the way, we need to stress…
Rest assured that NO ANIMALS were harmed in the making of this warrior’s dress!

~ by Chan Wai Ling

Project Maximus

Eragon Movie Trailer!!!

Catch the Eragon trailer at:

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I love my shoes...

i never like jogging.. and i still don't.. if not for my shoes.

See.. when i was in school.. i didn't know the proper way of jogging.. so was always getting stitches... and i tried all sorts of ways to get out of the 2.4km run.. especially from sprained ankles (had injuries from my martial arts training).

It didn't help that i had bad knees from tennis (so i thought). This was attributed to the fact that my knees hurt whenever i jog.. and since i didn't like jogging.. i didn't see the point in investing in a pair of shoes... i got cheapo ones of various brands.. and of course that didn't help my knees at all - it's a vicious cycle that i was stuck in.) At one point, i was wearing knee guards on both my knees. After a jog.. i'd be hobbling and could not walk down stairs.

knees in guards

One day.. due to this great discount, someone convinced me to invest in a pair of Asics Kayano.. the very top range from asics running shoes suitable for my feet (i do have pronated feet). From the day i got my Kayano X, i firmly believe that shoes make a WHOLE LOT of DIFFERENCE!! MY KNEES NEVER HURT anymore!

And you know something? My family of Asics shoes have grown to include:
Kayano XII (NEW!!! in rasberry pink), Onitsuka Tiger ( Kill Bill kung fu shoes in brown), Kayano X ( well-loved and diriest of them all.. time to retire for running liao) and Eagle Trail IV for off road running)

MY asics shoes

Guess it'd be really tough for me go back to wearing other shoes other than Asics. Thank goodness i still am able to get GREAT discounts for them!!


BTW.. did i tell you that i love my Asics shoes????

P/S.. it is not an advertorial.. though i wish it was.. there'd be tons of stuff i'd want to get from Asics. I'm just thrilled getting my new shoes!

Sunday, September 17, 2006


My mum's hakka.. and she is forever saying that her receipes will go with her to her grave. She's forever getting us to learn her recipes.. from yong tao hu, love letters, rice dumplings and such.. however, with the kind of hours we keep.. it's not often that we catch her in action.

So here's presenting my mum's abacus recipe. Note: her recipes are also ah-gar ah-gar measurements type one.

Step 1: get the steamer out

Get the steamer ready

Step 2: Get your yams ready

Fresh yam

Step 3: Cut your yams into slices and steam them

Cut into slices and steam it

Step 4: Once the yams are cooked. Mash them up while they are hot. Add corn flour to make into a dough and salt water for taste.

ash it while it is hot. Add corn flour and salt water for taste

Step 5: Knead the dough

Knead it into a dough

Step 6: Shape the dough into little balls. Flatten it to look like abacus - Do cover the rest of the dough with a damp cloth to prevent it from drying out.

Shape it into little balls then flatten it

Fast action

Step 7: Using the steamer and the boiling water to blanch the abacus till it floats. Once it's done, just scoop it out, coat the abacus with some oil to prevent them from sticking together.

Using the boil water, blanch it until it floats. Coat with bit of oil to prevent sticking

Step 8: Get dried shrimps, mushrooms, shallots and minced pork to stir fry - add the normal - salt, pepper, soya sauce etc

Dried shrimps, meat, mushrooms and shallots (bkgd)


Abacus ready. Just need to stir fry with mushrooms

Step 9: Once everything is ready, stir fry the abacus, meat/shrimp/mushroom with mushroom stock and that's it. (finished product not shown cos i was too busy eating to take pictures!)

EDIT: My Lunch today


Mum took the soup version. *YUM*

Abacus in soup