Monday, February 23, 2009

30mm 1.4

Got 2 lenses from my friend and i so love them. More of the 30mm 1.4 than the 10mm one. Well, i guess that i've been using the 30mm more.. given my subjects.

Ollie tugging the toy by you.

30mm 1.4 by you.

Testing 30mm 1.4 by you.

It's amazing..

Let's see if i can keep them for good. Tee hee hee

BTW, am watching the Oscar live now. Hugh Jackson is so dishy. He sings, dances, entertains and is so drool-worthy. Wouldn't it be great if i get the job and he's there too?

Haahahha.. what a lovely fantasy!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Feb 01, 2009

From Zits, Feb 01, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

From the wedding

Was he sneering at me? by you.

This picture made me smile... i think his expression is so funny.. plus he's cute too.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What I loved Jamie Dunn and the Morning Crew

Listen to this and you'd laugh till tears roll down your cheeks.

Michael Owen works in a cafe and used to work in South Africa acquiring snakes for reptile parks. The Morning Crew called him up enquiring about the acquisition of a anaconda (or aneconda as they spelt it on the CD) for a reptile park. Now, Michael Owen calls his appendage Anaconda.. listen and see what happens!

From The Best of Jamie Dunn & the Morning Crew: Volume 2
B105's Gotcha! - Aneconda.

My fave morning show when i was back in Aussieland.

Ever rescued beach whales?

The call came on early morning. The radio alarm had just gone off and i was listening to my favorite radio station, Brisbane B105 fm.

The news came on, and there were reports of 3 whales being beached at a beach 1hr's drive away and appeals were made for the public to come and help to save them. They need water, cloth, and people to help them get back to the sea.

Immediately, i sat up in bed, woke up my flatemates and went... "BEACHED WHALES!!!" .. Want to go and help? One of them declined as she had classes in the morning.

So, two of us, took my little car and went to help the whales. Along the way, we kept listening to the radio... and reports kept coming in, people were asked to bring buckets, pails, towels, ketchup and such.

Yes, yuo heard right, ketchup.

As we got closer, we got more and more excited when we saw the line of traffic going to the beach.. and people running...

When we got there... yup... there were 3 'beached whales' alright.



One of the best pranks ever... so yes, i never rescued any beached whale. Though, you can help out with donations to help animals injured or displaced by the horrible Victorian Bush Fires in Australia by contacting Wildlife Victoria and RSPCA Victoria.


From Wildlife Victoria

Wildlife Victoria has launched an appeal to help pay for bandages, treatment, medicines and food for injured wildlife, and activities to assist our volunteers best prepare for and respond to wildlife affected by bushfires.

Online donations can be made by clicking here, or post to 3/288 Brunswick St, Fitzroy 3065. Enquiries can be sent to e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or ring 9445 0310 10am-4pm to speak with someone.


From RSPCA Victoria

To directly support our staff and volunteers at the front-line caring for animals affected by the bush fires, please donate here or call 03 9224 2222.

100% of funds donated will support our work helping bush fire affected animals.

If you are unable to donate online or with a credit card, please forward your cheque or money order (payable to the RSPCA Victoria) to:
Bushfire Appeal
RSPCA Victoria
3 Burwood Highway
Burwood East VIC 3151

The RSPCA will be working to reunite lost pets with their families.
Please click here to register a pet that you have either lost or found.

If you have the capability to transport and animal that you have found from the bushfires please take it to one of the following RSPCA shelters:
RSPCA Bendigo Shelter RSPCA Epping Shelter RSPCA Wangaratta Shelter

We are delivering emergency pet food to relief centres across Victoria including food donated by Hill’s Pet Nutrition. If you wish to donate items such as pet food, bedding, leads and bowls you can deliver these to your local RSPCA.

To support our emergency relief effort in other ways, please complete our assistance form detailing the the support you can offer. If we can accept your generous offer, we will contact you soon. Please note that if you are from interstate, you will need to arrange delivery of any items to Victoria.

Thank you to everyone who has offered their residential homes as temporary accommodation. We now have enough private residents to assist us, if needed.

We are in desperate need of blankets, if you can donate any blankets please deliver them to your local RSPCA.

There is a big need for supermarket ‘green’ bags. We are coordinating care packs and need these to bundle up items to hand out to families in need. If you can donate such items, please deliver them to RSPCA in Burwood East.

We are also in need of temporary fencing. If you are in a position to donate temporary fencing to assist with the management of animals, please contact us directly on 03 9224 2219.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why do the dutch have such funny ads?

I watch ads all the time when the television is on in Netherlands. UNfortunately, H is a channel surfer.... which was kind of sucky cos i learnt so much Dutch ( korting, huiskamer.. etc) while watching the ads.. and they have the funniest ones. i literally have to fight the remote control from him to watch the ads! Saw the previous Eneco one?

This was 1 advertisement that both of us really enjoyed watching.. and couldn't stop smiling.

p/s: Did you know that Heineken is dutch?

35mm Travelogue

Took out some of my old film pictures to be scanned. Here are some of my favorites, besides the recent ones from Vietnam and Cambodia.

La lang fields by you.

Cycling from Singapore to Desaru, Malaysia.

Perfect by you.

Desaru Beach, Malaysia

Busselton Pier by you.

Busselton Jetty
WA, Australia

Great Wall of China by you.

Great Wall of China
Beijing, China

Rickshaws by you.

Rows of rickshaw
Beijing, China

Friday, February 06, 2009

My job application

It's no secret that i enjoy the outdoors, adventure, sports, photography and travelling. Hence, i applied for the best job in the world - becoming a caretaker for in Australia on Hamilton Island.

Check out my application video and vote for me.

For all you know... if I get the job... you are more than welcome to visit and stay with me for free!

How about it?

Click click click!