Sunday, December 26, 2010

My wedding shoes..

found the perfect shoes for my wedding.. and i love them! Can't wait to wear them for the wedding.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My wealth profile..

Interesting.. ..

The Output Profile 食傷格

The Output Profile is the idea-maker, the dreamer, and the visionary. Output Profile individuals tend to be the ones coming up with the plans and structures, and dreaming up great ideas and backstories. They to be the ones telling the story and being the centre of attention, and are often performers at the workplace - literally, the stars of the show!

The strengths of an Output Profile person are their unending enthusiasm, vision, and drive for a project or endeavour that grabs their attention. Their thinking is often unique and out-of-the-box, and while everyone else is travelling the well-worn path, they're dreaming up new and fresh methods and ideas. They are often confident, and are witty and verbally articulate.

On the flip side, however, an Output Profile person has the tendency to be TOO much of a show-off, becoming what others might call a 'diva' or even a loud-mouthed know-it-all. They can be somewhat flaky and excitable, and will be prone to being self-promoters who are keen to advance their own cause more than anything else

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It was really too cold.. and too long.. I really enjoyed my visit back to Singapore, seeing my family, meeting up with friends, shopping and eating.

There are some up side to winter.. the snow was fun.. especially when the sun is shining.. everything is a winter wonderland. The dogs really enjoying playing, running, digging and catching snowballs!

Perfect winter's day

Me and kingsley

Robin showing his teeth!

Me and my boys

Boelie and Mokka fight over a stick

The ice skating was really lovely too!

Trying to take picture with the dogs

The best part of winter is skiing of course.

We spent a week at Zell Am Ziller, Austria with the family.

Perfect ski conditions.

Perfect skiing conditions

Look.. we are flying

We saw Austrian skiing cows..

Skiing Austrian Cows

And their meat is the best!

Best rumpsteak ever!

Best rump steak EVER!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Back in Singapore...

It's been a long winter. Too cold in fact. At times, i feel that i will never get to feel warm again. So i'm really happy to be back in the sun. To be with family.. catch up with friends and eat!

i have got enough of winter!

CColor Career Conselor

Best Occupational Category

You're a CREATOR


Nonconforming, Impulsive, Expressive, Romantic, Intuitive, Sensitive, and Emotional

These original types place a high value on aesthetic qualities and have a great need for self-expression. They enjoy working independently, being creative, using their imagination, and constantly learning something new. Fields of interest are art, drama, music, and writing or places where they can express, assemble, or implement creative ideas.

Suggested careers are Advertising Executive, Architect, Web Designer, Creative Director, Public Relations, Fine or Commercial Artist, Interior Decorator, Lawyer, Librarian, Musician, Reporter, Art Teacher, Broadcaster, Technical Writer, English Teacher, Architect, Photographer, Medical Illustrator, Corporate Trainer, Author, Editor, Landscape Architect, Exhibit Builder, and Package Designer.

Consider workplaces where you can create and improve beauty and aesthetic qualities. Unstructured, flexible organizations that allow self-expression work best with your free-spirited nature.

Suggested Creator workplaces are advertising, public relations, and interior decorating firms; artistic studios, theaters and concert halls; institutions that teach crafts, universities, music, and dance schools. Other workplaces to consider are art institutes, museums, libraries, and galleries.

2nd Best Occupational Category



Self-Control, Practical, Self-Contained, Orderly, Systematic, Precise, and Accurate

These conservative appearing, plotting-types enjoy organizing, data systems, accounting, detail, and accuracy. They often enjoy mathematics and data management activities such as accounting and investment management. Persistence and patience allows them to do detailed paperwork, operate office machines, write business reports, and make charts and graphs.


that's what i am?

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Monday, December 07, 2009

Gedichten van Sinterklaas

Last year, i was in Singapore and received some gifts from Netherlands.

This year, i spent it with H's family.. and got presents. On top of some money, a breadbox and chocolates, i got a gedicht(poem) composed by H, to accompany my gift.
Sinterklaas heeft gehoord wat jou is overkomen
Je mooie fiets is door dieven meegenomen
Je had hiervan wel veel verdriet maar op slot stond hij niet
Inmiddels staat er weer een nieuw rijwiel onder het afdak
Maar Sinterklaas zag dat er nog steeds iets onbrak
Met dit kado is je stalen ros weer helemaal compleet
En kun je door Boxtel rijden zoals je vroeger deed

Sinterklaas heard what happened to you
Your beautiful bike was stolen by thieves
You could have prevented the crime, but you didn't lock your bike
Now in the shed stand a new ride
But Sinterklaas says there is something missing
With this present, all is complete
You can ride through Boxtel like you previously did.

Gazelle by you.

With a new fietstas by you.

Monday, November 02, 2009

After frost.. comes autumn

I thought that autumn was over where the frost appeared. Boy was i wrong. Can't blame me, for it is my first autumn here.

So after the frost, we had some rain, and then, a whole week of brilliant weather. Sunny and dry. It was really lovely to see the fall colours.

At first it was greenish still..

Then the colours just popped out! Same place, just 1 week later

Amazing huh?

We also took a weekend out to Veluwe.. and walked in the reserve, as well as to visit the Kröller-Müller Museum museum. The outdoor sulpture garden was awesome.. and they have the most fantastic collection of Van Goghs too. It's so different to see a Van Gogh in person. The colours and paint are so 3D that can't be reproduced in a print.

On a sad note, my bike got stolen. Sigh.. I really like my bike.. and am so upset that it is stolen.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's getting cold...

Been over 6 months since i've been here. looking back.. the time just flew pass.. and now it's getting cold already. I took out all of my winter clothes, my giant coat. Bought a couple of new sweaters, ski gloves and ski jacket. It's kind crazy how cold it can gets. Overnight.. we got frost..

And i didn't even put up my summer travel pictures. :P

School is going really well. The private lessons that I'm taking is really enjoyable. I learn lots and was able to advance for A1- to A2 for my dutch.. and i'm really pleased. Though due to my fast advancement, my vocabulary is not as good as it should be, but there is nothing much that i can except to read more and learn more words.

Had enjoy picking chestnuts in the forest and making braised chicken with chestnuts.. Yummy.

And making vietnamese popiah too.

And i'm really please how my pictures turned out..

I love these pictures.