Monday, April 27, 2009

Tulip fields...

Finally got to go and see some tulip fields today. We are all scheduled to go to keukenhof next week.. but to be honest, with the weather that we are having, i was a bit afraid that the tulips would have been gone by then. So H was really nice to drive over 300km (return trip) to the North of Netherlands so that we could take some pictures. It was such a pity that after 1 week of beautiful weather, it rained today... oh.. and end up, i didn't feel that great in the car. Sneezing and teary eyes. H said that it was due to the pollen in the air. I become ok after i came home though. I highly think that H has to clean his car!! hahaha

Egmond aan Zee by you.

Egmond aan Zee by you.

Egmond aan Zee by you.

Egmond aan Zee by you.

Egmond aan Zee

Egmond aan Zee by you.

We have got Koninginnedag to look forward to in Amsterdam this mid-week and we are going to be on a boat in the canal! Lots of pictures then!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Advice for my future daughter

i would so get this book.. affirmations and advice for her!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Today, he smells totally like a wet sheepdog.

Zit, 31 March 2009

In a bad way..


Friday, April 17, 2009

Dutch bikes...

Piet the fiets

In the window with piet the fiets by you.

Are the in-thing to have.. they are the coolest!


See here!

I love my piet the fiets!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Celebrating Easter

Easter weekend was spent with H's family. imagine CNY, but ang moh style. Whole lot of relatives and feasting. Glad to have the opportunity to meet with the extended family and the weather was perfect.

Easter egg hunting, horse rides, farm visit, skipping and trampoline jumps. How cool is that huh?

Easter Weekend by you.

Easter Weekend by you.

Easter Weekend by you.


Easter Weekend by you.

Easter Weekend by you.

Easter Weekend by you.

Easter Weekend by you.

Easter Weekend by you.


Spring is really pretty here... everyday i see more and more flowers and they are breathtaking..

Our garden

Orange tulips by you.

Daisies by you.

And tis the season for white asparagus... i love them! They are not called white gold for nothing. We cycle on my new bike, piet the fiet to the farm buy fresh ones.. super lekker.

White aspargus by you.

Serve them cooked with butter, ham and egg with some potatoes and that's dinner.

Spaking of which, i have to introduce my very 'traditional dutch' bike, Piet!

Piet the fiets

Piet the fiets

And we found a cat who stalks us.. he's the funniest thing ever.

The cat that was stalking us

Once my printer is here, it's going to make a print and give it to the owner! :P

Thursday, April 02, 2009

It's spring..

And it's really pretty here. Oh, yes, my lack of updates was due to me moving across continents from Singapore to Netherlands.

In the beginning, there was a lot of emotions that i was going through, from being excited to sad, scared and nervous. There were so many nights that i couldn't sleep. First from not being able to settle my things, not enough money for my insurance premiums, not being able to sell my car... to well, selling my car at too low a price.. etc etc.

but everything's behind now.. so i am settling in well over here. I couldn't have come at a better season. The weather's beautiful, flowers are blooming.. and the paperwork took less time than i expected. So officially, i'm a resident of the Royal Kingdom of Netherlands!

So while waiting for my dutch lessons to start, i've busy taking pictures, cooking, shopping, wandering around.. pretty fun to be honest. So many things to do that i don't even have time to update my blog.


Baking cupcakes!

light yellow daffodils by you.

Painted Easter eggs for Harry's work party by you.

Nice apartment buildings by you.