Sunday, January 23, 2005

Cool sports case

See the iPod shuffle

Saturday, January 22, 2005

it's my latest toy...

got a new toy and it's so cool.. and i'm one of the first to get it anywhere.

the geek in me is talking right now.

when i placed my order for the ipod, the delivery date was supposed to be in feb. imagine my surprised when i got a call on the 20th.. telling me that my ipod shuffle will be delivered that day.

Given that this product was only just launched. and lines forming and everyone's clamouring for it. (See Merrill Lynch: Demand for iPod Shuffle May Outstrip Supply and Users face long wait for iPod shuffle) It's really nice to get it before anyone else.. and it's not even in the stores yet!! Which is a bad thing cos there's so many cute accessories that i want to get for my ipod.. the sports case... the charger.. even the FM transmitter to the radio etc etc..

Been busy transfering my Cds on to my pc so that i can upload to my ipod... eerrr... i need to upgrade my hard disk!!.. There's not enough space for my CD collection!!!..

It's the coolest thing.. .so small and lightweight.. and it sounds great too. can even connect it to my home theatre system to play it.

Guess what? It's Time's magazine's gadget of the week..

Time Magazine has declared Apple's new iPod shuffle its 'gadget of
the week', calling it one of the simplest MP3 player on the market today.
Declaring the product as "the most affordable" player in its class, the
report describes it as, "in some ways, the simplest to use". Report Wilson
Rothman praised its simplicity and sound quality.

"It's very easy to write extensively about music players these days without ever mentioning sound quality, but let me set some minds at ease: it sounds great. There's no audible difference between the iPod Shuffle and its larger kin."

Now i'm broke...

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

i've got to have an ipod

Nothing beats retail shopping to beat the school/work blues... and guess what's new on the market?

i have been thinking of getting a thumbdrive for the longest time for work/school/personal stuff... and just when i have set my mind to get it... this comes along...

It is a bit expensive.. given that you can get a 1 gb thumbdrive for approx. S$150.. and the current selling price of the ipod shuffle is at S$268. But ain't it a beauty? (it's cheaper than what creative is offering for their 1 gb Movo).

The appeal of the ipod over the ipod mini is its USB plug and play capability.. i run around everywhere.. ... but i am being cautioned by friends that using flash memory capability is actually a step backwards and given the well documented failure rates of thumbstick.. paying for a premium for the ipod shuffle might not be such a good thing. In addition... charging of the unit is actually done via the pc's usb port and full charge takes 4 hrs!! hrrmmpp.. i have to leave my compute on for so long??? What if i don't have access to a pc? i can't charge the ipod at all.

Well.. maybe i can take a risk... I've updated my wish list... i'm hoping to gt it before chinese new year.. as a perk me up present.. what do you think?

A 4gb mini ipod for $458 or 1gb ipod shuffle for $268?

Monday, January 17, 2005

Have you kept your resolutions?

Mid way into first month of the new year... did you break any of your new year's resolutions yet? I'm trying to keep mine.. barely...

Let's see now. In the year of 2005. I want to
1. complete my Msc. (so sick and tired of it .. can't seemed to find the energy to print my notes.. let alone go to classes)
2. go to Hong Kong Disneyland. (it opens on 12 sept 2005!!!!)
3. be more selective about telling the truth and being honest. (some people just can't take it especially from me.) i just reckon that sometimes... best way to handle stuff and situations is to keep your mouth shut. Now.. if only i can remember this resolution in the heat of things.
4. paint and decorate my room.. got to hang up all my posters and stuff. (i have to do it soon!!)

Got a new dvd titled, "Finding Neverland" starring Johnny Depp. I have yet to watch the movie but i have heard great things about it. And Depp was even nominated for Best Actor in the Golden Globes. Too bad he didn't it... Leonardo Di Caprio got it for the Aviator instead.

Based on the story of how J. M. Barrie came up with the well-loved play of Peter Pan, it has been reported to be a well-crafted and flawless movie that Barrie himself would approve.

Time for the libraries to stock up copies of Peter Pan and promote it?