Monday, January 28, 2008

New Home

Jucy Cruiza

THis will be my home for the next month.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Trip preparations

So many things to do!!!

from preparing, packing and even work.

Rented a camper van and it's going to be great but but but... i'm just keeping my fingers that things are work will be ok.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mama Mia

The greatest news ever...

one of my all-time fave musicals is coming on the big screen!

I had a blast when i caught it a couple of years back and now, i can own it on DVD.. it's such a fun, uplifting, happy musical...

J wouldn't be that happy, after all, i think i irritated the life out of her when i kept singing to her, "Chiquitita.. tell me what's wrong..."


Check out the trailer here

Starring Meryl Streep (Yippee.. i likey her, we share the same birthday), Pierce Brosnan (Mr. Remington Steele!!), Colin Firth as Harry (drool-worthy Mr. Darcy!!)

Coming in Summer 2008!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Out of the blue.. i just realised that i'd be hitting my mid-thirties really soon. And honestly, i am surprised at that. Suddenly in a couple of years, i can finally make some use of the money in my CPF and buy a flat. Finally being really comfortable about myself, having a great bunch of friends too!

And there's so many things that i have not done yet!!!

Things that i hope to accomplish this year.
Trial my dog at least once!
Finally get to go to Europe,
Getting my eyes lasik,
Getting my tooth fixed..

hrrrmmpp.. wonder what else i can do with limited funds.

And i'm so looking forward to my NZ trip. Met a kiwi at a recent party and he gave me tons of tips on my itinerary, stuff to do and also companies to get in contact with.

Now, if only i can finish all my work in time and leave in peace!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Taking pictures

Couple of weekends ago, arranged a shooting outing with a couple of other photographers to take some action that was happening at the Singapore’s first ever Cable Wakeboard & Wakeskate Championships!

Gonna some advice from Lawrence. And here's my attempt at panning.

Looks like this guy is wakeboarding on his bare feet right?

This fellow is just dancing on water

This one makes it look sosososo easy

It was a great opportunity for me to try out new settings and such.

Really cool

Friday, January 04, 2008


Never had a 5 day trip felt so right, relaxing and fulfilling.

Maybe cos it wasn't my first trip there, and that made me savour the city. There was never a point which i felt that i must rush to get going to places to check out every attraction or such.

It was all done at a very leisurely pace.. and the best part was that i got to do everything that was set out to see, do and eat.

"World Best New Year's Fireworks", Koalas, Tasmanian Devils, Sydney Fish Market, Opera House, Harbour Bridge, eat oysters, seafood and more seafood!

Some memorable stuff -

Enjoying the rides and winning a huge Scooby Do at Luna Park;

Forget killing 2 birds with 1 stone. How about 1 seagull shite hitting 2 people?


Running after ferries;

Meeting really cool people allowed us to have a space right up front to watch fireworks, despite stalking out the vantage spots at 6.30am;

Falling down and getting bruises while coming back from the toilet;

Eating fresh oysters, sashimi, mud crabs, calamari, butterscotch pancakes;

Manly beach;