Sunday, January 20, 2008


Out of the blue.. i just realised that i'd be hitting my mid-thirties really soon. And honestly, i am surprised at that. Suddenly in a couple of years, i can finally make some use of the money in my CPF and buy a flat. Finally being really comfortable about myself, having a great bunch of friends too!

And there's so many things that i have not done yet!!!

Things that i hope to accomplish this year.
Trial my dog at least once!
Finally get to go to Europe,
Getting my eyes lasik,
Getting my tooth fixed..

hrrrmmpp.. wonder what else i can do with limited funds.

And i'm so looking forward to my NZ trip. Met a kiwi at a recent party and he gave me tons of tips on my itinerary, stuff to do and also companies to get in contact with.

Now, if only i can finish all my work in time and leave in peace!

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