Thursday, June 29, 2006

Funny comic strip

Foxtrot 29 June 2006

Can't wait to see Superman... though.. you think the new superman is too metrosexual? Oh well.. i'd reserve my comments till after i watch the movie.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Winner - Anansi Boys

Yeah... one of the books that i enjoyed tremenously last year won the Locus Awards for Best Fantasy novel... and of course it's by Neil Gaiman who was here last year!!!

Psst.. he won the best short story for "Sunbird".

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mem Fox

attended a Mem Fox writing and illustrating for children workshop last weekend and it was really fun and i got a whole bunch of ideas on writing my own story.

A bonus was hearing her read her books in the session.

mem Fox reading Hattie and the Fox

i managed to get a small clip of her reading the last part of one of my all time fave book, " Koala Lou"

BTW, she has a real wicked sense of humor.

It was a pity that i didn't managed to get any of her books for her to sign.

Signing - not my book

Kino was out of her books.. at least the ones that i wanted to get.. sigh

Will think about writing down her tips in a while.

Darn not funny

With the International Monetary Fund and World Bank meeting that is coming up in Singapore in September, PM Lee launched the "Four Million Smile Campaign" in Singapore on 11 June 2006. Residents of Singapore are encouraged to put their best smile forward in a mural to welcome the international guests who'd be flood in. Just in case you are interested, you can submit your smile in the campaign and win prizes.

It's not funny hence when i read from this article that
Any of you Singaporeans tempted to fake a smile, listen up: Not only will you risk a caning; a German study suggests that workers who constantly have to pretend to be friendly to customers suffer from higher rates of depression. Flight attendants, sales personnel and call center operators are most at risk, said psychologists at Frankfurt University.
i'd rather not smile than risk depression.

Send an envoy instead?

Picture by DSP(Digital Soft Paw)

How's this for a great goofy smile?

Friday, June 09, 2006

Royalty at the Library

First was Queen E. Today was the Emperor and Empress of Japan.

Very smiley, pleasant and warm. I think everyone enjoyed their visit despite of the hassle and security checks.

Performabce for the Emperor and Empress

Kids performing for the kids

Waving to the kids

Waving to the kids

Stopping to talk to us

Talking to us

Waving to us!

Waving off..