Thursday, June 15, 2006

Darn not funny

With the International Monetary Fund and World Bank meeting that is coming up in Singapore in September, PM Lee launched the "Four Million Smile Campaign" in Singapore on 11 June 2006. Residents of Singapore are encouraged to put their best smile forward in a mural to welcome the international guests who'd be flood in. Just in case you are interested, you can submit your smile in the campaign and win prizes.

It's not funny hence when i read from this article that
Any of you Singaporeans tempted to fake a smile, listen up: Not only will you risk a caning; a German study suggests that workers who constantly have to pretend to be friendly to customers suffer from higher rates of depression. Flight attendants, sales personnel and call center operators are most at risk, said psychologists at Frankfurt University.
i'd rather not smile than risk depression.

Send an envoy instead?

Picture by DSP(Digital Soft Paw)

How's this for a great goofy smile?

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