Monday, October 31, 2005

What kind of dog are you?

You scored as Bernese Mountain Dog. You're a Bernese Mountain Dog! A personal favorite of mine, this dog is loyal, protective, and funny. You love attention and romping about!

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Google's battle over library books

Is google going to be the biggest copyright violator?

Read about it here


Ten months ago, Google announced that it planned to scan, digitize and make searchable the collections of five of the largest libraries in the world. At first, it seemed like one of those nifty ideas that regularly percolate out of the young search giant.

But there's a big catch: Many of those books are protected by copyrights, and Google is requiring copyright holders to opt out of the scanning process if they don't want their books in libraries to be searchable.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Constant vigilance... makes you fat or skinny?

i was very surprised to see pictures of Mad-eye Moody, portrayed by Brendan Gleeson in the movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. BTW... the end of my suffering is in sight!

Anyway... i always had the impression that he was a gnarled skinny fellow.. with a chunk of his nose missing, walks heavily due to his missharpened claw for a foot and as such.

However, he turned out to be a plump/meaty/broad/fat fellow!!!

My argument is that he is one paranoid fellow.. who kept thinking that Death-eaters are out to harm him..afterall his motto is CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!.. wouldn't that make you sleepless... anxious... lose appetite? Com'on.. the fellow had to use his own cutlery and flask to eat and drink.. so even though the books didn't say if he was fat or skinny. Spoiler ahead... and i hear some might say that Mad-eye Moody was Barty Crouch in disguise... wouldn't he be skinny too cos he was sneaking around.... playing this double role.. and having to keep drinking the polyjuice potion every two hours?

And then, my friend countered... well... maybe cos he is one of those who eats when they are stressed out.

Win already lor. kekekkekekekek..

Facewise.. i did think that the magical eye does look unmagical.. but i guess have to wait

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

How many have you read?

Check this out.. Time Magazine picks the 100 best english novels from 1932 to present.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Kindness and generosity when you least expect it

I'm jaded of people and their motives.. but sometimes.. things work in mysterious ways and makes you have faith in people again.

I haven't brought cash out with me yesterday... i figured that since i had my atm card (want cash can withdraw), IC, phone, keys... that'd be fine.

But in the mist of doing something.. i realised that i had needed cash.. $10 in fact very badly.. and the nearest atm was miles away.. there was very little chance of me getting to the atm in time to get the $$. I actually made an appeal.. asking if i could do a IOU/ send cheque.. or watever.. (everything was a no!.. at least the library accepts NETs, EZ-Link, cashcard or cheque) BLAH!!!

Then this complete stranger came up to me and gave me $10. he didn't even want to leave his name or telephone number for me to return the money to him. All he said that he could see how disappointed i was that i didn't have the money.. and he just offered it to me.

Thank You!... I'm going to stake out the place where i met him so that i can return the cash. Else.. i will pass the favor on.

Thank you so much again.. and knowing/realising that there are nice people out there.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

i have never been any healthier....

I'm walking cum running so much...

enuff said..

Monday, October 03, 2005

Happy Birthday...

Say Hi to Kingsley..

It's his birthday today.. and he's 4!!


Come and meet Kingsley

it's funny... after my silky terrier, tori died, i felt that i wasn't ready to replace her with another dog. It was only after 3 year that i started craving for a doggy companion, even resorting to "borrowing" Whiskey (my cousin's husky) for walks.

I loved border collies and had always wanted to get one (blame it on "Babe" the movie and my stint in Australia) as i always think that they would highly complement my lifestyle, running, blading, playing in the sun and such. However, they weren't very easy to find in Singapore and mighty expensive (Soo Kee had a couple which was going for $2700 each).

So i didn't have any plans to buy any dogs.. was just thinking of adopting, and saving a dog's life. I came across this site, and saw that they have a silky terrier for adoption. So i sent in a mail to check if the silky was available for adoption and the re-homer met up with me.. and i told her how i wanted to get a dog.. silky terrier would be lovely as i had 18 yrs of experience dealing with them.. but honestly, i would prefer a bigger dog.. a husky or a border collie to go running with. I didn't think that anything would come out of it but GUESS WAT?

They had a border collie at the shelter. And after much interaction with the shelter owners and Kingsley...i adopted Kingsley on Children's Day (1 Oct) 2005. And just apt too.. cos i got to celebrate his 4th birthday with him on 3 Oct 2005. :) (Thanks Vivien for the birthday frisbee for Kingsley to play with!!!)

So... do pop by and say hi to kingsley... he is really lovable, friendly, smart, obedient... and non-barky at all.

I've been bringing him around to meet Whiskey, Brandy and even Humpfrey... so yeah..come and meet him!

Check him out at