Monday, October 17, 2005

Kindness and generosity when you least expect it

I'm jaded of people and their motives.. but sometimes.. things work in mysterious ways and makes you have faith in people again.

I haven't brought cash out with me yesterday... i figured that since i had my atm card (want cash can withdraw), IC, phone, keys... that'd be fine.

But in the mist of doing something.. i realised that i had needed cash.. $10 in fact very badly.. and the nearest atm was miles away.. there was very little chance of me getting to the atm in time to get the $$. I actually made an appeal.. asking if i could do a IOU/ send cheque.. or watever.. (everything was a no!.. at least the library accepts NETs, EZ-Link, cashcard or cheque) BLAH!!!

Then this complete stranger came up to me and gave me $10. he didn't even want to leave his name or telephone number for me to return the money to him. All he said that he could see how disappointed i was that i didn't have the money.. and he just offered it to me.

Thank You!... I'm going to stake out the place where i met him so that i can return the cash. Else.. i will pass the favor on.

Thank you so much again.. and knowing/realising that there are nice people out there.


JMN Da Vinci said...

Does the gentleman seems to be a tall, dark and handsome fella? Heehee...

Isaak said...

Or was that nice gentleman a middle-aged looking guy? :P

olkgal said...

kekekekekke... if i sat there lookning forlorn.. would you have given me the money without me asking for it?

But honestly.. the fellow was really nice.. he just overheard the conversation and then just gave me the money.

No comments on whether he was tall or dark or handsome.. that's for you to find out. Wanna stake out with me?????!?!?!?!!!


Daniel Choy said...

was it me who gave you $10 the other day? I probably was so dazzled and lost that I didn't even know ....nonetheless a good day for you.