Monday, October 03, 2005

Come and meet Kingsley

it's funny... after my silky terrier, tori died, i felt that i wasn't ready to replace her with another dog. It was only after 3 year that i started craving for a doggy companion, even resorting to "borrowing" Whiskey (my cousin's husky) for walks.

I loved border collies and had always wanted to get one (blame it on "Babe" the movie and my stint in Australia) as i always think that they would highly complement my lifestyle, running, blading, playing in the sun and such. However, they weren't very easy to find in Singapore and mighty expensive (Soo Kee had a couple which was going for $2700 each).

So i didn't have any plans to buy any dogs.. was just thinking of adopting, and saving a dog's life. I came across this site, and saw that they have a silky terrier for adoption. So i sent in a mail to check if the silky was available for adoption and the re-homer met up with me.. and i told her how i wanted to get a dog.. silky terrier would be lovely as i had 18 yrs of experience dealing with them.. but honestly, i would prefer a bigger dog.. a husky or a border collie to go running with. I didn't think that anything would come out of it but GUESS WAT?

They had a border collie at the shelter. And after much interaction with the shelter owners and Kingsley...i adopted Kingsley on Children's Day (1 Oct) 2005. And just apt too.. cos i got to celebrate his 4th birthday with him on 3 Oct 2005. :) (Thanks Vivien for the birthday frisbee for Kingsley to play with!!!)

So... do pop by and say hi to kingsley... he is really lovable, friendly, smart, obedient... and non-barky at all.

I've been bringing him around to meet Whiskey, Brandy and even Humpfrey... so yeah..come and meet him!

Check him out at

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