Tuesday, April 26, 2005

100 little things

Decided to do up a 100 things about me for fun... don't think that any would be earth-shattering knowledge.. especially for friends reading it. hee hee hee! have fun!

  1. came in 2nd in a baby contest (when i was a baby)
  2. fell from a swing when i was 2 and needed 5 stitches for my chin
  3. dislocated my arm when i was playing tug-a-war with my neighbour
  4. fell into a drain once when i was cycling and had the bike fall on top on me
  5. fell backwards and knocked my head once and had a concussion. developed short-term amnesia, yes.. i'm a regular klutz
  6. i can bend my thumb to touch my forearm,
  7. and can bend my fingers backwards to touch my wrist as well... not to mention weirdo too
  8. i'm terrified of birds,
  9. but love dogs.
  10. started pestering my parents for dogs when i was 4 or 5,
  11. i would throw tantrums by pouting and stamping my foot and going, "我要狗! 我要狗!" (translated: "i want dog!"),
  12. till now, decades down the road, my dad's friends still tease and imitate me pouting and stamping my foot when they see me.
  13. got my first dog when i was 9
  14. his name was toffee
  15. i'm thinking of getting a dog now
  16. would like a border collie, or a retriever to go running with me
  17. I'm not afraid of insects,
  18. and will even crush cockroaches with my bare hands.
  19. my friends think that i'm crazy that i'm afraid of birds and not cockroaches
  20. then again, what's so scary about cockroaches?
  21. must be cos my mum used to do that to cockroaches too
  22. i'm not musically inclined
  23. attempted to blow/play/figured out the cornet and french horn,
  24. failed miserably.
  25. tried drums,
  26. but had no hand and foot co-ordination.
  27. i hate reading musical notes,
  28. but can sing lots of songs from musicals, songs, advertisements, cartoons...etc
  29. watched numerous musicals by Andrew Lloyd Webber productions to Rent, Chicago and Mama Mia
  30. next item on the menu, The Lion King on Broadway
  31. can probably find a song to sing for any occasion,
  32. in my unique (read: horrenous, off-key) voice.
  33. my best friend is a great singer
  34. she came in first for Asia Bagus one year, and represented Singapore in the Asia wide contest in Japan. Construction Site won. Sheik Haikel was from the group.
  35. made her cry with laughter when i did the Dutch lady dance during school assembly
  36. match made her with her husband,
  37. match made another couple as well.
  38. should stop doing that cos all my luck's given away
  39. i love going to Disneyland
  40. have been to Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland (LA)
  41. i want to go Disney World, Hong Kong Disneyland will do too
  42. i collect Mickey Mouse stuff
  43. only the classic Mickey with the white face, wearing red shorts though
  44. i even have ponytail holders with pom-poms in the shape of Mickey
  45. i don't use them often cos i can't find any replacements if they are damaged or lost
  46. of all the continents in the world, i have yet to go Europe, South America and Africa
  47. i haven't been to much countries, honestly
  48. i dream about going to Spain, damn the 1992 Barcelona Olympics!
  49. my friends insist that i'm a incorrigible shopper cos once when i was on a Great Ocean Road tour, i bought tons of stuff and they bought less things while shopping in Melbourne that day
  50. i think that i'm just great at finding bargains
  51. i take pictures all the time when i'm on tour
  52. and irritate my friends by going, "take picture, take picture!" all the time
  53. plus with all the silly and crappy things that i do all the time, a group of us has a friendship motto
  54. "With friends like these, who needs enemies?"
  55. i will want to run a marathon one day,
  56. but only the Marathon du Medoc.
  57. it's also known as a connoisseur's marathon where there are 22 catering stops, 21 wine-tasting stops and offering regional specialties are offered, like oysters, grilled beef, cheese and a Medoc specialty of pork-butchers delicatessen along the route
  58. you get to win your weight in French wines (read: French Lessons: Adventures with Knife, Fork, and Corkscrew by Peter Mayle)
  59. i used to represent my school for squash
  60. now i don't play squash
  61. i think that i have great eye and hand coordination
  62. am good at ball and racquet games
  63. even driving while smsing, eating and drinking
  64. OOOppss.. it's against the law to do that (forget i wrote that)
  65. my first car was a white Suzuki hatch,
  66. it was only 600cc,
  67. nicknamed OLK (pronounced as O-Lek),
  68. hence my nickname.
  69. one crazy guy ran out of the street one night and wanted commit suicide by having cars run him over, luckily i managed to stop.
  70. was inches from hitting him. i freaked out and had diarrhea or as we know it here, " 拉青屎", when i got home
  71. it was literally green in colour, honest!
  72. i prefer savory than sweet stuff,
  73. but i do like sweet stuff too
  74. i love Häagen-Dazs ice cream. Favorite flavours: macadamia brittle and green tea
  75. Ben and Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk as well
  76. i'm a coca-cola addict
  77. i can swear in French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, English and local dialects
  78. i taught an English "gentleman" a hokkien swear word once and he went around showing off to everyone. it was hilarious!
  79. i love picnics
  80. enjoy preparing food, drinks, wine for picnics
  81. got a real picnic basket from a dear friend for one of my birthdays
  82. my friends attempted to fulfill my happy list (a listing of things that makes me happy) for one of my birthdays. i was very touched.
  83. i have outgrown my groupie stage
  84. used to get autographs from various singers and pop stars
  85. from New Kids on the Block, Tommy Page, Savage Garden, Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok to F4!
  86. love movies, watches all kinds of movies except horror
  87. believe in and am very scared and terrified of the supernatural
  88. am convinced that i had a ghostly encounter at Port Arthur, Tasmania
  89. used to go for movies in the open aired theatre in Joo Chiat
  90. tickets were only 50cents for adults (now it's $8.50-9.50!!) and free for children
  91. dad brought us to the drive-in in Jurong once. the movie was 最佳拍档之大显神通 (Aces Go Places), starring 许冠杰 (Sam Hui) and 麦嘉 (Kar Mak)
  92. all the kids were smuggled in the boot and we only paid for 2 adult tickets
  93. the money saved was used to buy snacks for all of us!
  94. i have excellent memory, too bad i never used it properly for studies, using it selectively for trivial stuff and gossip!
  95. i have never met any of my grandfathers
  96. dad never met his father either, grandfather was stabbed to death by the Japanese during the war and my dad was only 1 month old then
  97. i think that i get my crappy sense of humour from my dad
  98. also my inclination for tools, wires, technology, love for fixing stuff, sea, seafood, cuttle fish and sports
  99. can tinker with cars and know how to change oil and tyres
  100. believe in driving manual cars only, that's the thrill of having wheels

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olkgal said...

Am looking at this list again in Sept 2008 and it's so funny..

no. 16 - I got myself a very smart and lovable border collie

no. 35 - i'm going out with a dutch and will be moving to Netherlands by the end of the year!

no. 45 - i almost lost one, but found them back!

no. 46 - i finally went to New Zealand, France. Belgium and Netherlands this year!

no. 76 - i got my own ice-cream maker!

no. 77 - add dutch to that list!