Thursday, April 28, 2005

Reader finds large sum of money in library book

The sun herald reported how one former employee, Michele Anderson, opened a library book, and discovered more than just a story - she found a wad of cash.

i don't think that it had happened in our library yet... and given that Michele Anderson was reported as a former employee... did it mean that she quit her job after finding the cash??

Don't think that this will happen here as we are encouraged to be cashless... cashcards, easylink cards, credit cards, atm cards and wat have you. people don't bring so much cash anymore. but the things that we are asked to find...sigh..

Couple of months back, Singapore Pools had S$6 million up for toto. A patron called up the library frantically looking for a personal book that she had dropped into library's book bins. She gave staff the title of the book and claimed that she had her toto tickets inside the book.

Guess what? after going around in a wild goose chase, the librarian discovered that it wasn't a personal book, it wasn't the title she claimed that it was, and it wasn't even the correct author!!! but eventually, the "CSI" librarian did track the book down and retrieved the tickets.

We were joking about how the librarian should get a share of the winnings and wat to do with it. Even 1% is a lot of money. But, don't think that the patron did strike the $6 million, else i would think that the librarian might have gotten a reward...we never did hear from her. However, she did give a compliment card and a box of chocolates to the librarian when she came to the library to collect the tickets. :) well.. it was a nice gesture on her part...sometimes it's nice to know that these things that we do count... A potentially S$6 million effort!! She'd better be grateful!!

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