Saturday, April 23, 2005

How about this orange??

to be honest.. i figured that i wasn't a pink person.. it was difficult to get words to show up on it... the pink was a little too dark, as Ivan pointed out.

How about the orange now?? i think that it's such a cheery colour. Ain't too difficult to do it.. so anyone wants to employ me for my services.. har har har..

I know that there are still problems.. things with the background picture not stretching and stuff... and it not displaying properly on firefox too.. and i don't even know if it's displaying properly on other browsers or screen size!! i need some lessons!! help!!

Oh yeah.. i got my copy of The Opal Deception by Eoin Colfer via Kinokuniya's online ordering and delivery... they did deliver when they said they will and i have finished it. it's really good. The plot is very captivating and at times when i thought all was hopeless for Holly, something dramatic happens. I even gave a shout of cheer... hee hee hee.. luckily i was alone in my house though.

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