Monday, April 18, 2005

What's life?

Managed to grab a copy of The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom and read it over the weekend. It's a really easy to read, simple story. However, it's one of those books that raises so much more questions for the reader and of cos, doesn't provide any answers. You have to find them out yourself. Cable was showing the tv adaptation over the weekend too.

Seems to be the trend of books/stories to start with death nowadays. Eddie, a small town amusement ride maintenance worker was crushed by a falling cart from a ride. As the title of the book implies, he went on to Heaven and meets 5 people in his life that had or made an impact in his life. From the love of his life, to those that he doesn't even know existed.

Even though it is a story.. you often wonder, how much of the themes that the story speaks about can be real or is probable in real life. What if there is such a thing as come-uppance? What if really what goes round comes around? What if trivial/spilt second decisions made alters your life completely and sends you down into the depths of Hell or to the Heavens? What if the grudges you hold harms you more then you'd ever know? What if you only discover your purpose in life only in death? What if you find no fulfillment in your purpose in life (even if you know/find out what it is)? What if your questions only get answered in death? And what if they never get answered?

Sometimes i wonder wat my purpose in life is. Don't seem to be able to find an answer. I supposed everyone grapples with it. i often tell myself to live life without regrets... but as time passes... i can't help but wonder if choices and decisions that i have made shaped my thinking and hardened me, and in turn, turned me into a jaded, judgmental cynic for life. Maybe i'd never find the answer till Death.

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