Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's getting cold...

Been over 6 months since i've been here. looking back.. the time just flew pass.. and now it's getting cold already. I took out all of my winter clothes, my giant coat. Bought a couple of new sweaters, ski gloves and ski jacket. It's kind crazy how cold it can gets. Overnight.. we got frost..

And i didn't even put up my summer travel pictures. :P

School is going really well. The private lessons that I'm taking is really enjoyable. I learn lots and was able to advance for A1- to A2 for my dutch.. and i'm really pleased. Though due to my fast advancement, my vocabulary is not as good as it should be, but there is nothing much that i can except to read more and learn more words.

Had enjoy picking chestnuts in the forest and making braised chicken with chestnuts.. Yummy.

And making vietnamese popiah too.

And i'm really please how my pictures turned out..

I love these pictures.