Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Hot and Cold

It was perfect.. and a couple of us saw turtles too.. though i didn't see. I saw the dm signaling but i was too high up as i couldn't equalise.. hence, missed it.

This was H diving last year in Nigaloo Reef with a turtle. His friend took this very beautiful picture.

Oh.. and i got a new coat. Funny story about the coat. We were window shopping and we saw a DKNY winter coat which H said that i'd need. And when i checked out the price, it was cheap for a coat. H was like.. you want it? it's cheap.. So i tried two different sizes... and i went.. let's look around as i had wanted to get a north face coat. So, we went to look around.. and we saw this very same coat in another store and it was $200 more expensive!!!!

So, h and i were like.. Did they price it wrongly??? if they did.. or didn't, that coat is a bargain!! We literally ran back to the first store to try the coat again and really consider getting it.

When we went back to the first store and took the coat to try... we discovered that it was at the more expensive price.. the cheaper price both of us had seen mistakenly was the price of the dress that was hanging inside the coat.

So.. now, i have to wear the coat for 3 years instead of 2.

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