Friday, February 24, 2006


i caused an accident this evening.. not my fault though..

silly fellow was in the right most lane.. which turned out to be a turning lane.. so he got impatient and didn't check his side view mirror/blind spot.. tried to cut into my lane.. i couldn't brake.. so had to honk him to warn him. He was caught totally off and was so surprised that he swerved back into the lane.. couldn't stop in time and bang (extra loud) into the car that was waiting to turn.

Crumpled bonnet.. luckily the car that got hit braked.. else it'd be a whole chain of crumpled cars.. there was at least 5 cars waiting to turn.

well... who asked him to be impatient? if stuck in the wrong lane.. then stay there till it clears.. or filter only when there's no car!

On a separate note.. i'm so captivated by this song titled, "Upside Down" by Jack Johnson. This is the title song from the upcoming movie, Curious George! Very nice song and cute MTV to boot too.. and did you know that Jack Johnson was a surfer before he hang up his surf shorts for his ukele cos his face got banged up too much!. err.. from the surf board lar!

P/S: just in case you were wondering.. neither my car nor myself was hurt in any way.

Friday, February 10, 2006

My book list

i have yet to start on my time traveller's wife..

i want to read the kite runner..

and i'm glad that anasi boys and eldest are on the list too..

hee hee

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Yeah... one of the movie of the year..

i really enjoyed Wallace and Gromit..

and it is just so wonderful that it earned best animated picture honors along with kudos for animated effects (Jason Wen); character animation (Claire Billett); music in an animated feature production (Julian Nott); character design in an animated feature production (creator Nick Park); directing in an animated feature production (Park, Steve Box); production design in an animated feature production (Phil Lewis); storyboarding in an animated feature production (Bob Persichetti); voice acting in an animated feature production (Peter Sallis, who voices Wallace), and writing in an animated feature production (Box, Park, Bob Baker and Mark Burton).

Har har.. clean sweep..beating other nominees such as Howl's Moving Castle and Corpse Bride.. (dvds that i have already bought).

Now just waiting for Wallace and Gromit's dvd... kekekekkekeke