Thursday, April 28, 2005

Thank you thank you so very much...

i owe people coffee and many thank yous for helping me look through the source code to solve the blog problems.. you know who you are. So thank you so very much for helping me with all the breaks.. source codes... and for figuring out what when wrong with the site.

i really appreciate it it very much. .. and wouldn't have stop freting over it at all if it wasn't fixed... and of cos.. i wouldn't have put up that accomplished face at all :D

so what do you all think of the new design and layout. i know that itt's not much.. err.. and as for the content.. i will try to keep it interesting for you all to read.. har har har..

honestly.. i shall write wat i feel like.. :P

1 comment:

QQ*librarian said...

Hey, this is cool. Like your new look very much - very urban. Also, enjoy reading your blog, light-hearted and earnest. :-)