Sunday, October 23, 2005


Constant vigilance... makes you fat or skinny?

i was very surprised to see pictures of Mad-eye Moody, portrayed by Brendan Gleeson in the movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. BTW... the end of my suffering is in sight!

Anyway... i always had the impression that he was a gnarled skinny fellow.. with a chunk of his nose missing, walks heavily due to his missharpened claw for a foot and as such.

However, he turned out to be a plump/meaty/broad/fat fellow!!!

My argument is that he is one paranoid fellow.. who kept thinking that Death-eaters are out to harm him..afterall his motto is CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!.. wouldn't that make you sleepless... anxious... lose appetite? Com'on.. the fellow had to use his own cutlery and flask to eat and drink.. so even though the books didn't say if he was fat or skinny. Spoiler ahead... and i hear some might say that Mad-eye Moody was Barty Crouch in disguise... wouldn't he be skinny too cos he was sneaking around.... playing this double role.. and having to keep drinking the polyjuice potion every two hours?

And then, my friend countered... well... maybe cos he is one of those who eats when they are stressed out.

Win already lor. kekekkekekekek..

Facewise.. i did think that the magical eye does look unmagical.. but i guess have to wait

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