Monday, January 17, 2005

Have you kept your resolutions?

Mid way into first month of the new year... did you break any of your new year's resolutions yet? I'm trying to keep mine.. barely...

Let's see now. In the year of 2005. I want to
1. complete my Msc. (so sick and tired of it .. can't seemed to find the energy to print my notes.. let alone go to classes)
2. go to Hong Kong Disneyland. (it opens on 12 sept 2005!!!!)
3. be more selective about telling the truth and being honest. (some people just can't take it especially from me.) i just reckon that sometimes... best way to handle stuff and situations is to keep your mouth shut. Now.. if only i can remember this resolution in the heat of things.
4. paint and decorate my room.. got to hang up all my posters and stuff. (i have to do it soon!!)

Got a new dvd titled, "Finding Neverland" starring Johnny Depp. I have yet to watch the movie but i have heard great things about it. And Depp was even nominated for Best Actor in the Golden Globes. Too bad he didn't it... Leonardo Di Caprio got it for the Aviator instead.

Based on the story of how J. M. Barrie came up with the well-loved play of Peter Pan, it has been reported to be a well-crafted and flawless movie that Barrie himself would approve.

Time for the libraries to stock up copies of Peter Pan and promote it?

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