Sunday, September 17, 2006


My mum's hakka.. and she is forever saying that her receipes will go with her to her grave. She's forever getting us to learn her recipes.. from yong tao hu, love letters, rice dumplings and such.. however, with the kind of hours we keep.. it's not often that we catch her in action.

So here's presenting my mum's abacus recipe. Note: her recipes are also ah-gar ah-gar measurements type one.

Step 1: get the steamer out

Get the steamer ready

Step 2: Get your yams ready

Fresh yam

Step 3: Cut your yams into slices and steam them

Cut into slices and steam it

Step 4: Once the yams are cooked. Mash them up while they are hot. Add corn flour to make into a dough and salt water for taste.

ash it while it is hot. Add corn flour and salt water for taste

Step 5: Knead the dough

Knead it into a dough

Step 6: Shape the dough into little balls. Flatten it to look like abacus - Do cover the rest of the dough with a damp cloth to prevent it from drying out.

Shape it into little balls then flatten it

Fast action

Step 7: Using the steamer and the boiling water to blanch the abacus till it floats. Once it's done, just scoop it out, coat the abacus with some oil to prevent them from sticking together.

Using the boil water, blanch it until it floats. Coat with bit of oil to prevent sticking

Step 8: Get dried shrimps, mushrooms, shallots and minced pork to stir fry - add the normal - salt, pepper, soya sauce etc

Dried shrimps, meat, mushrooms and shallots (bkgd)


Abacus ready. Just need to stir fry with mushrooms

Step 9: Once everything is ready, stir fry the abacus, meat/shrimp/mushroom with mushroom stock and that's it. (finished product not shown cos i was too busy eating to take pictures!)

EDIT: My Lunch today


Mum took the soup version. *YUM*

Abacus in soup

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