Monday, September 04, 2006

Do you know a Ram from Bhutan?

Was having dinner with my friends and just catching up with the recent happenings...

I mentioned to them about the Bhutan Crown Prince and his visit to the library and told them how eligible he is..

And one of my friends piped, " Is his name Ram?"

I went, "Huh? No.. his name is Khesar.."

"Oh... cos I know a Ram.. and can introduce to you."


*roll eyes*

And the conversation went downhill from there...

Thank you very much!



Anonymous said...

hahahaha.. that made me lol :D


ps. he will visit Thailand again in November ^__^

olkgal said...

Cool... in November.. that's great!! try to get pictures and share?


Anonymous said...


i'll try to get a chance to meet him in person first :D Since he is a royal figure so we cannot treat him like a superstar here coz there will be bodyguards guarding him all the time wherever he goes so it will be really difficult for us to get near him :-) and we have to pay him respect as well (by not approaching him too much). Anyway, i'm sure that there will lots of his photos published on Internet (like it did happen when he was here in June) and i'll definitely share them with you.

Do you want some pix when he was here in June?