Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I love my shoes...

i never like jogging.. and i still don't.. if not for my shoes.

See.. when i was in school.. i didn't know the proper way of jogging.. so was always getting stitches... and i tried all sorts of ways to get out of the 2.4km run.. especially from sprained ankles (had injuries from my martial arts training).

It didn't help that i had bad knees from tennis (so i thought). This was attributed to the fact that my knees hurt whenever i jog.. and since i didn't like jogging.. i didn't see the point in investing in a pair of shoes... i got cheapo ones of various brands.. and of course that didn't help my knees at all - it's a vicious cycle that i was stuck in.) At one point, i was wearing knee guards on both my knees. After a jog.. i'd be hobbling and could not walk down stairs.

knees in guards

One day.. due to this great discount, someone convinced me to invest in a pair of Asics Kayano.. the very top range from asics running shoes suitable for my feet (i do have pronated feet). From the day i got my Kayano X, i firmly believe that shoes make a WHOLE LOT of DIFFERENCE!! MY KNEES NEVER HURT anymore!

And you know something? My family of Asics shoes have grown to include:
Kayano XII (NEW!!! in rasberry pink), Onitsuka Tiger ( Kill Bill kung fu shoes in brown), Kayano X ( well-loved and diriest of them all.. time to retire for running liao) and Eagle Trail IV for off road running)

MY asics shoes

Guess it'd be really tough for me go back to wearing other shoes other than Asics. Thank goodness i still am able to get GREAT discounts for them!!


BTW.. did i tell you that i love my Asics shoes????

P/S.. it is not an advertorial.. though i wish it was.. there'd be tons of stuff i'd want to get from Asics. I'm just thrilled getting my new shoes!

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