Sunday, November 26, 2006

My obsession

i do like watches... and i wasn't planning on buying one since i am pretty happy with my current one, however, i was keeping a look out for a sports watch. My G-shock.. though is still serving me well has gotten a bit smelly and stinky over the years despite of the change in the rubber straps. And i started doing some stuff that needed a compass that i started wanting a watch with a compass, especially when i see my friends using their very cool casio pro trek. The way way way cheaper alternative was to get a $2 plastic compass to attach to the current watch strap. The alternative was to splash out and get the very cool watch.

I was first introduce to this hamilton watch over 2 years back..

and i thought that it was darn cool. I really like the functions. It is a quartz watch with a touch screen function that will switch your watch to various modes, with the hour and minute hand as the indicators. Eg. switch to compass mode.. the minute and hour hand align and it becomes a compass, with the minute hand pointing north.

So when i laid eyes on this one just last night in a men's magazine (no less), i thought that it was the coolest watch ever. In red!! my fave colour!!

It has the same touch screen and such functions.. however, when it was put side by side, the hamilton and tissot, the tissot is in a way cleaner and more elegant.

I almost got the red version. However, in the end got the Tissot T-touch in white instead. And I love it..

And after getting it.. i did my research... discover that my watch was featured in 2 very garang movies... Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life - the black version and Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Go and check out Mr. and Mrs. Smith and you'd see Angelina Jolie wearing this very watch in the movie.


now can someone stop me from buying MORE watches?

edit: T-touch review

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Kaiser said... still can buy the $2 compass and attach it onto the watch.. acts as a standby... kekeke.

Well, i must say its a cool watch indeed.