Thursday, December 14, 2006

Green peas can be lethal..

Broke my one of my pre-molars while eating green peas-- the kacang puteh type.. bonus will be going into getting it fixed..


Anyway.. caught Eragon tonight.. cos i couldn't wait..


What i liked

Jeremy Irons - he's so dashing and is so Brom

Robert Carlyle - A perfect Durza

Durza's magical powers!!

Saphira - she is simply amazing!!!

The accelerated growth of Saphira was a sight to see (given that the movie had to deal with her growing up, that was a good way of doing it).

The first 1/3 of the movie which was pretty cool...

What I didn't like

Did the Varden have to be so tribal? I mean it was supposed to be sophisticated and well organised... they were even supposed to have a library for Murtagh to be housed in when he was arrested.. not kept in a wooden hut.

Was there ever the mention that Arya is an elf?

Why is Arya so girly and smiley? She's not supposed to be like that! Nor is she supposed to be flirty too!!

What ever happened to the limits of the dragon rider's magic??? How can he can heal mortal wounds?

Whatever happened to Eragon's training, of magic????

No mention of dwarves?

Did they put a token african in the movie?

i hated that line by Saphira when they were giving Brom his burial...something to the tune of, " I cannot breathe fire but I can do this." She then breathes on to his grave.. and changes it into crystal. In the book.. she brushes her nose! I mean... it's the liittle things that make the story amazing and so wonderful.. that dragons are magical and have so much more.. has even more powers than they themselves realise! And this is so especially for Saphira, who doesn't have anyone to learn from.


While often, the movie often doesn't live up to the book.. i expected the movie be to decent... but there were more disappointing bits.

There were such loopsholes that i wouldn't know how part 2 will how.. if you kill a dragon rider.. the dragon will die too. Didn't Galbatorix steal a dragon when his died? If he had killed the dragon rider..then wouldn't the dragon he stole be dead too? Maybe they'd remove that part of the story..

Oh well.. was disappointed. Wat a waste of a very good story...