Monday, September 19, 2005

Movie under the stars

Was mid-autumn festival over the weekend. Was planning to join a gathering but it was only during the last minute that i discovered that my beloved friend couldn't make it. So scrapped the lantern carrying, candle burning and sparklers lighting.. but.. i still managed to go for the Starlight cinema.

Been going there for the past few years.. didn't make an exception this year. What was lucky was that i had won 2 entry tickets. So, managed to pack wine, fruits, mooncakes and Carl's Jr. and had a blast.... despite having seen Batman Begins and Fantastic 4.

Oh.. and i saw the Initial D car at the marina square carpark.. hee hee hee.. really cool. Managed to take a picture of it and with it. :)

Toyota Trueno AE86

Discovered how to download anime over the internet and have been having a blast watching the latest episodes.

And and..had a bet that Man U will draw or win Liverpool at Anfield .. and I won my bet.. teeheee hee hee hee.. am so very happy that i have a treat to look forward to.

Oh.. and discovered that the latest Honda Civic hatchback, Civic coupe and Civic Si is the coolest ever.. can i just drool and drool over the cars? i want to get one...

Honda Civic Hatch 2006
Honda Civic Hatch

Honda Civic Coupe 2006
Honda Civic Coupe

Honda Civic si 2006
Honda Civic si

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