Monday, December 12, 2005

Racial riots in Sydney...

By Les Kennedy, Damien Murphy, Malcolm Brown and Tim Colquhoun
December 12, 2005

"RACIAL violence erupted in several Sydney suburbs last night in retaliation for a rampage by thousands of young residents through Cronulla that turned the seaside suburb into a battlefield."

i love australia having spent some time there. i just feel that sometimes the australians there can be a bit over the top... picking on the wrong issues (eg the death penalty thingy - so two-faced. It is ok to sentence the Bali bombers to death and not a drug trafficker?) and people.

While i was there, one of my friend, a second-generation australian of french descent was beaten up really badly by a gang of thugs cos of his ancestry. And they had targetted him... it wasn't a random attack.. he got amubshed near his house. This was during the time when france was doing some nuclear testing in the pacific. By beating up a fellow australian just cos his parents were from france.. what were they trying to prove?

And on and off... stuff like house mate ganna pelted with eggs... glass beer bottles.. well don't know if that was racially motivated or that cos she was a random target.

Sometimes Australians can be the nicest and friendiest people.. but then there are those like this..

just sad that people can spoil such a beautiful country.

BTW.. i really like the Cronulla Sharks. Go Mat Rogers! kekeke... always enjoyed watching him play for the sharks.. sigh.. i miss going for games in winter.. sitting on the darn cold metal benches.. wearing woolly hats and gloves.. drinking beer and eating a hot dog and yelling "wanker" at the top of my voice at every opportunity.

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