Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Good Start = Good Year?

I hope so...

Struck 4D for the first time in my life. only got $6 of winnings.. i already used it up already!!!. it was not enough to cover the bets that i made.

Funny (in a weird and unexplainable way) story.

When asked, my nephew recalled the number from the numbers that my dog picked on CNY eve. However, the funny thing was that he wasn't present when the drew took place. So he gave 4 numbers.. don't know from where and then he said this, "It's not in the correct order.. i didn't remember correctly."

So i took the number down.. even though i knew that it wasn't the numbers that my dog picked and place bets on it. $2 worth and used ibet (24 permutations).

And well.. i struck.. consolation prize on the 1st day of the Lunar New Year.

i suspect that it might be due to the red underwear i wore. (ooppps.. you didn't need to know that). Then again.. i supposed lots of people was wearing red underwear. isn't it tradition and for a good start to the new year?

If that is not a good start.. then wat is?


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Rojak Librarian said...

me too leh...i strike $20 on New Year day....now praying to strike $2,000,000.........