Monday, October 01, 2007


Realised that i haven't been blogging for some time.

Too many things have been going on. And yes, i have been busy watching all the rugby matches... didn't think that England is doing too well. South Africans are brutal.. Wallabies have a great kicking game going.. and All Blacks, when they do attack and attack well without all the fumbles, they are poetry in action.

Been catching up with some stuff that i have neglected over the years - diving. I really missed that. Due to the log absence from diving, i was really apprehensive about going in again. And after taking a sort-of-refresher in Nha Trang, Vietnam, I'm back in action.

On the last dive trip, saw sea turtles, moray eel, rays... it was fantastic.

So when's my next diving trip... i hope soon.

Meanwhile, i'd be planning for my NZ trip!

Yeah.. finally... NZ, here i come!


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QQ*librarian said...

Oh good, it's working now.

Wah seh, good for you. I hope you're driving in NZ. Eh, try to rent a continental car to drive. It's very very different! Have fun, and I look forward to seeing pictures. BTW, you know who you can meet up there - if you have time hor. :-)