Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Camera p0rn


With less than 2 weeks to go for my Europe adventures! Got a whole lot of places lined up to visit, parties to attend, hockey games to catch, Europe Cup matches to watch and even a boating trip in Amsterdam.

Show me Paris, Belgium, Netherlands.. and dare i dream? Spain?? Germany?? UK?? Denmark?? Sweden??

Together with my babies -

Luxxie 2

and Mr. C350D

i'm bringing this drool-worthy baby...

How cool is this?

Coupled with Kodak Porta 400NC film, i can't wait to take pictures with this very very very cool camera..

All thanks to a very generous friend...

love love love it.

You think Mr. OM1o,

(i'd sososo miss my OM10 and it's wide 28mm lens)

Mr. Dynax

Mr. Y

and Granddaddy Seagull will be upset if they are left behind?

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