Friday, May 29, 2009

Vermeer and museum

Parc Astérix .. which i will be there in a couple of weeks time.. and

Hergé Museum

René Magritte Museum

Went to Delft over the weekend and visited Johannes Vermeer Centre... it was really nice to learn something about the painter... and i learnt that the painting of the girl with the pearl earring... her eyes follow you no matter where you are standing, earning the painting the nickname, "Mona Lisa of the North"

I love his 'Little Street"

In the Vermeer Museum by you.

We had perfect weather and the light was amazing. Hence, you can only imagine the light the painter himself saw when he painted.

Delft, Hometown of Johanese Vermeer by you.

Town Sqaure of Delft by you.

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Anonymous said...

wow I love your pictures!!!
where are you from??