Friday, June 19, 2009

BLueberry Girl...

I would want to be the Blueberry girl and i got the chance to be one..

Tis blueberry season here and the woods have bushes that are filled with blueberries ready for plucking.

See all of them?

Blueberries by you.

I spent 1.5hours being bitten by mossies to pick the berries.. and there's so many more to be picked.

i figured i got maybe 1 kilo worth of blueberries..

Blueberries by you.

And after getting a recipe for blueberry crumble from here.. i attempted my first attempt at pie making!

I think it was a very good attempt and it is sososososos LEKKER!!!

Blueberries by you.

Blueberries by you.

I love it.. and want to go and pick more berries tomorrow!

BTW, i saw Patrick Dempsey in Le Mans... and got him to wave at me! More updates in a while!!

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Anonymous said...

Patrick Dempsey!!!!!! A.k.a McDreamy!!! OMG, lucky you :)