Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Greatest flower parade ever

Summer is almost over, and my holidays is ending. However, just before the cold weather sets in, i had the opportunity to visit one of the nicest flower parade, not that i have see many. There's quite a few in Netherlands and the well-known ones are:

Bloemencorso Bollenstreek

Bloemencorso Zundert

Bloemencorso Lichtenvoorde

Last weekend was the flower parade in Zundert. Held every 1st sunday of the year, floats are build using dahlias.

I almost didn't get to make it cos H was hangover from the previous night's party. And i thought that he didn't feel good enough to go. But despite of his headache, he went ahead anyway. He did spend most of the time sloughing in his chair (which i'm so glad that he brought).

Waiting by you.

The outside air and sun did him good though!

And the first floats arrived.. and they were massive! Over 2.5 stories high!

Huskies by you.

Doggy by you.

The details are amazing!

Dirt bikers by you.

Dirt bikers by you.

Dirt bikers by you.

Medival riders by you.

Medival riders by you.

Up close by you.

Zundert FLower Parade by you.

Here's the SeaDevil

Get me out of here! by you.

3rd Prize winner

This is called the Last Escape.

The last escape by you.

Zundert FLower Parade by you.

It was H's favorite and it came in 2nd in the competition.

My favorite and 1st prize winner.

Love the rhino by you.

Made of curves by you.

Up close by you.

Zundert FLower Parade by you.

I love how they only used a few colours to come up with the abstract, yet realistic looking rhino!

I can't wait til next year.

Meanwhile, hold on, i'm still doing up my summer vacation pictures!


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