Saturday, April 22, 2006

SIFF - add ons

Am going to watch this too

Noriko’s Dinner Table - Does a family that eats together stay together? That seems to be the central theme of Sion Sono’s film, Noriko’s Dinner Table. Noriko is a member of a ‘club’ that provides the services of a ‘rental family’. Members go from house to house pretending to be a family member of unhappy and lonely individuals. The aim is to undermine the sanctity of the family and ruin the people. It is run by Komiko, abandoned as a baby and desensitized to life. Parallel to the service is a disturbing look at the trend of suicide clubs. Winner of the 2005 Don Quijote Prize at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.
Director: Sion Sono Country: Japan

Saw this too

Perpetual Motion - Though the set-up is pure pulp, this ostensibly romantic story about contemporary mainland China high society roils and unearths startling depths. Niuniu wakes up to find her husband missing and convinced that one of her three friends has seduced him. She then invites them all to a Chinese new year dinner. Her vindictive plans unfold in one long, seminal night, with the women disclosing the deepest secrets of their hearts. Biting and articulate, Ning Ying’s Perpetual Motion is a milestone for women in Chinese cinema destined to shake things up.
Director: Ning Ying Country: China

Perpetual Motion was really cool. I enjoyed it alot. Lots of witty and funny conversations.. and men bashing too. Oh.. does an art house movie need to have no conclusion?

Sunflower was another movie in a way that didn't have a conclusion. SPoilers ahead.
Although the tension was resolved, the dad disappears.. and you wonder if he really did love his wife.. why would an old man just leave?


But i really liked the perpetual motion and sunflower. Sunflower touched me.

Err as for Angel's Fall... i didn't and couldn't comprehend it. It was diffcult to understand the story when a 1.5 hr long movie has less than 15 mins worth of conversation. Well.. you can call that oppressive. :P

i'm looking forward to the rest of the movies. Somehow i'm catching lots of asian films this year.


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