Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Strange but responsive bedfellows: single-issue activism and the media

Interesting article titled, "Strange but responsive bedfellows: single-issue activism and the media".

This reading is about "the various ways old media is connected to newer conduits in communication, such as operating news portals, single-issue movements' information bulletins, or private individuals' blogs. As this case study suggests, century-old media principles (classic rules of newsworthiness, or just lust for fame) sometimes influence the latest forms of public information exchange on the web. It also seems that the liberation of the
public sphere from gatekeepers' heavy hands by non-professional newsmakers often produces highly spurious results, not to mention the democratic potential of the decentralized exchange of ideas in cyberspace."

i haven't had time to read it properly yet... but should be interesting. My blog was cited in the article. It referred to an old entry that i wrote previously on how computers does not contribute substantially to student's learning of basic skills.

Maybe after reading it.. i can comment on it?

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