Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Cakes and puke!

Birthday cake

Tastes better than it looks. Though the figuring on the cake was supposed to be a squrriel... and kudos to the Captain at the resturant who recognised it as a squrriel and not a tortorise or even a dinosaur.

BTW.... after my very nice meal and dessert in the resturant, i almost threw up as i opened my car door and took a whiff of the insides of the car. See, my car had an unfortunate episode and someone/something threw up cuttlefish!

It's bad enough if it is just puke.. it is worse when it is cuttlefish!

You know how bad it is?

Come and smell it.

BTW.. you have been warned!

I'm trying so hard to remove the smell.

Washed the car, put onions to absorb all the smell.. and lemons to freshen it. Now i need pandan leaves!!!

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