Monday, March 31, 2008

Vooom Voom

Naturally, i am really pleased that someone suggested this car for me.

Neat huh?

Volvo v40... or even the V70... kkekeke.. (i can pack the whole house into that car!)

I remember taking a test prevously.. and my profile is

Take this test!
You swore you'd never get one, but deep down you knew it was inevitable. Now it's finally happened. The car for you is a sensible, reliable, and oh-so-traditional Station Wagon. But don't panic: you haven't totally become your parents! We're not thinking a Chrysler Town & Country or even a Ford Taurus. The car for you is a hip, updated version of the classic. You've inherited everything that was cool about your folks, and taken it to the next level. Gone are the wood panels and cheesy colors, and way in are the leather interior, CD player, and gear racks for your weekend adventures. How about a Subaru Outback, Volvo V40, or a Saab Aero Wagon—in a classic navy or a firebrick red? You're so happening; no one would ever know that you've got those sensible airbags tucked away for a rainy day.

How fitting and cool is that?

Just right for me and all my stuff...and dogs are included!

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