Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Gossip Girls, Chick Lit, Fantasy and YP books


Cos as per pearls of wisdom by Nick Hornby,

“In a way, I think all books should be teen books. I can read them quickly without getting bogged down, and feel I’ve read something that was meant in the way literature’s supposed to be. They’re very digestible, designed not to bore people.”


"For the non-prep-school-bred college co-ed, or winsome preteen, or yes, working woman on the subway, it's just as good escapist literature as anything. Borges's theory on magical realism in so-called Third World literature explains that the magic enables the standard Western reader to access the fiction-form of a place otherwise too "different" for the readers to comfortably embrace. The magic makes it at once more accessible while still maintaining a distance."

from "Sweet Valley,' but better" by Kimberly Chou on 31 Jan 08

Yup, that's why i read chick lit, teen romance, yp fiction, fantasy... and all sorts of books. And that explains why till date, i have yet to finish my kiterunner :P

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