Thursday, October 02, 2008

Is there such an animal as 小熊猫?

It was great that it was a holiday yesterday and i had a great time doing stuff and hanging out with friends.

Caught up with a girlfriend who's been staying overseas.. and the conversation drifted over to Kung Fu Panda - the movie. How her son is obsessed with it.. and how she had to buy a whole set of water bottles of all the characters cos the tigress one wasn't available for sale on its own.. and it was surprising at least to me when all four of them couldn't decide what animal Shifu is.

For all the other characters... their names are indicative of what species they are. Tigress, Crane, Viper, Mantis, Monkey, Oogway (乌龟). Tai Lung is a snow leopard.. and Po is a panda of course.

But what about Sifu?

My friends were like going.. some raccoon.. some cat.. etc etc.. and i went.. RED PANDA...

And no one believed me... and i was .. yes.. Shifu is a RED PANDA... granted that i didn't remember what the chinese name for red panda is.. and had to call up a few people - including my dad.. to finally know that in chinese is 小熊猫. And you know what?? They laughed and said that 小熊猫 is little/baby panda... and not a red panda...

*roll eyes*

Red Panda is 小熊猫

Like i said once.. when i'm right.. i'm right!!!

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