Wednesday, December 22, 2004

i'm a librarian and i need a life!!

Came across this article some time back and was pretty amused by it. Titled 'Librarian Dolls Defend The Nation!' by Tanya Angell Allen

"Jessamyn West, coeditor of Revolting Librarians Redux: Radical Librarians Speak Out, mentioned during a recent lecture at Yale. West spoke of how librarians of the past thirty years tried to break away from lackluster librarian-stereotypes, proclaiming, “I may be a librarian, but I’m also a rock-climber!” or “I may be a librarian, but I’m also gay/black/Latino!” or “I may be a librarian, but I’m also sexy!” Now, however, West and my friends in the profession say they are seeing an attitude change among young librarians. Many Gen X and Y librarians don’t mind being seen as serious, smart, and nerdy. They don’t feel that they need to fight for a better image for themselves. They want to concentrate on doing their work, simply because it’s cool."

So what am i??

should i be defined by my job, friends, race, education??

Anyway.. given my work and school schedule, it doesn't leaves me for much.

Yes.. school is starting soon.. barely 1 month after the announcements of the previous semester's results. Pain, pain, pain.. suffer, suffer, suffer.

Anyway... it is interesting about all these debate about librarian's stereotype and image.. i know of a librarian who might be featured in an article in Shape magazine due to her choosen sport... will post the article here if it is ever published! har har har

cheers to that!!

BTW.. Do you have your new year's resolutions ready?? i make them every year. But this year, to be honest.. i don't think i kept much of mine for this year... kinda pathetic.. lots of oversight and ZERO reminders... so.. will be making my list and hopefully.. will be able to share them with my friends. (We exchange our resolutions yearly!)

Well.. i do hope for a better year for my friends and myself.. that everyone will be happy.. no regrets in the things that they do and have the freedon to choose.

OH... and latest news... HARRY POTTER and the HALF-BLOOD PRINCE will be out next year on 16th July 2005. I can't wait to get my hands on the book!! That's part of the reason why i'm looking forward to the new year!!

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