Monday, July 04, 2005

i miss my car already!!!

though there are good things that come without having a car...

  • getting up early to dress up and looking good instead of being sloppy;

  • taking the time to look at the surroundings and noticing that one of the sign board actually features F4;

  • making full use of my ipod shuffle (not that i don't use it.. but imagine doubling or tripling the travelling time!;

  • reading while waiting and travelling on the bus;

  • watching more tv on tv mobile;

  • doing a good deed.. i'm trying to be patient and even gave up my seat..;

  • getting more exercise by walking here, there, everywhere;

  • saving money??? that is a question mark...

  • but but but it's really bad when:

  • it is so crowded.. i was packed like a sardine..

  • i threw up immediately after the ride (i haven't gotten car sick for 4 years!.. kept taking deep breaths in the bus.. and telling myself to hold on.)

  • i can't read due to the car-sickness;

  • i blast the shuffle... i'd probably will go deaf soon or later;

  • a 15-20 min drive becomes a 40 min ride due to the start-stop of the bus;

  • get into work late;

  • And i really hate it when it rains..

  • i miss my car... can i get a personal chauffeur to work and everywhere please? especially when i'm hacking and sound like i'm coughing up furballs (ok ok.. phelgm)...

    i really have to start looking for alternative transport arrangements

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